Preferred Venues

Malta has so much to offer in terms of dining and entertainment venues, from hip contemporary settings to historic buildings, from beaches at sunset to bastions with harbour views.  The choice is diverse enough to suit anyone’s event needs.

The weather factor in Malta, allows for the possibility of enjoying various outdoor venues throughout the year, yet suitable back-up venues are always available in case of the occasional rain shower.

Venues range from public gardens with views of our magnificent harbour, historic museums with grand halls, Palazzo’s with lavish indoor and outdoor dining facilities, to contemporary seaside settings and intimate and fine dining restaurants.

If you are looking for something totally unique and memorable of our islands, we would recommend a fine dinner on board an exclusive motor yacht or sailing gullet with a private chef on board; alternatively for a true taste of the spectacular, dine on a barge in the centre of our unique grand harbour which is flood lit by night.

Spectacular settings abound, from world heritage UNESCO sites, to Baroque city squares and impressive buildings and fortresses built by the Knights.  Our team will ensure that your exclusive venue is enriched with fine cuisine, bespoke décor and entertainment to suit your event theme.

Using a more creative approach these venues can also be adapted to your business meetings, in combination with all the ancillary services required for such an event.